LWA Studio Leather Workmanship About


L.W.A. Studio is a premium wallet brand founded by Daniel Archutowski. L.W.A. Studio focusses on durable wallets with a minimal and modern aesthetic. Everything unnecessary is removed, leaving only the essential. The emphasis is on the functionality and durability by using high quality materials.

L.W.A Studio believes that wallets are a wearable expression of the owners identity. Accordingly, the brand offers a wide range of colours to chose from and the possibility to personalize the wallet, by adding a laser engraved monogram. All wallets feature subtle branding on the interior, leaving room for the owners mark on the exterior.


In a time where people want to buy less and choose well, L.W.A Studio encourages this by consciously creating luxury handcrafted wallets that last.

The best materials are sustainable materials. Therefore, sourcing those materials – like the premium vegetable tanned leather – is an important part of the L.W.A. Studio design philosophy.

L.W.A. Studio strives to create a well-designed product that is extremely durable, becoming more beautiful over time.


All wallets are hand-crafted in a family run atelier in Portugal. They’re made from premium vegetable tanned leather sourced from Italy and Riri zippers from Switzerland. These high quality materials combined with exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs all make for a longer lasting product.

L.W.A. Studio is proud to work with likeminded partners. Whether it’s the Italian tannery, the Swiss zipper manufacturer, or the exceptionally skilled craftsmen at the family run atelier that makes the wallets: they all share the believe that traditional craftsmanship and premium materials define the beauty of an object.